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Rite of the Assumption of Godhead

By Frater Barrabbas

As previously promised, I have produced an article that explains the basic structures for Godhead assumption as used in the Order of the Gnostic Star. Since Godhead assumption is one of my most important rituals, and is considered one of the core disciplines in the Order, I thought that it would be a good idea to present it here in an article for discussion and consideration.

Keep in mind as you look over this ritual, that this is just one of many methods that can be used for accomplishing this task. This specific rite is learned and mastered until it becomes automatic, absorbed into the magician’s basic regimen that she uses to adjust her mind and align with her spiritual self, which the Godhead actually symbolizes for her. For this reason, choosing a specific Godhead becomes a very important part of a beginning magician’s quest.

The Order distributes this rite in the form of a simple outline that contains no details or characterizations, since it’s up to the magician to build a specific rite that targets a well defined and established imago of the magician’s personal deity. This task is mastered early on in the training of a magician in the Order, usually in the first or at the very latest, the beginning of the second degree. By the third degree, this rite must be wholly subsumed into the mind of the magician so that it is automatic whenever magick is to be performed.

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