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The Honey Prescription, By Nathaniel Altman

Reviewed by Rebecca Elson

You know what I really dislike? “Cure All” books. You know what I’m talking about, books that are all like: ‘this one thing that your doctor wouldn’t suggest to you is able to cure just about any ailment you may or may not have.’ These books prey on people’s desperation and distrust of Western medicine. As someone suffering from a prolonged chronic pain condition, I know first hand about those feelings, which make those kinds of books, despite perhaps noble intentions, provoke a special visceral response from me.

Now you can understand how dismissive I was when I received a review copy of “The Honey Prescription” by Nathaniel Altman from Healing Arts Press. I pulled it out of the envelope and actually said aloud to my husband, “Well I won’t be reading this.” Yet there it sat on my kitchen counter for about a week, right next to the bottle of honey I use with Greek yogurt, on toast, and in my morning cereal. I like honey, what if there was useful information about this food I already consume? And that’s when I started reading.

Right out of the gate I was impressed. The first section discusses in detail the life and times of the honeybee. I was blown away. The average beehive is as complex and drama laden as your daytime soap opera. Bees are so much more interesting than I would have thought. I generally look at bees as evil little buggers who want to hurt me. I’m afraid of bee stings, sue me. However, after reading “The Honey Prescription” I can see why so many people are fascinated by bees.

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