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Pagan festivals, & an essay on fire circle dynamics

By Sara Balz

As diverse as we are, there is very little that binds us together as a shared community. We may have our covens or groves or groups, or we may be alone in our practice occasionally attending public local events sometimes, if ever. I think all this diversity is great, lots of creative and new ideas can get churned out in this amazing cesspool, but it can also be isolating. Even with the online communities both local and regional they just can’t possibly take the place of real life interpersonal interaction. That’s where festivals come in, and I personally feel these events are an important key part to our culture.

If you’ve never been, there are many different kinds of festivals. Some are only for the day, like most Pagan Pride festivals. Some may be held at a hotel or a spot with cabins, some may be in the full blown woods which are what I personally prefer. Some are serious, with lots of workshops & rituals dedicated towards a specific goal such as Stones Rising at Four Quarters farm in PA. Others are celebratory and creative like the Thunder Drum Music Festival at Lothlorien in Indiana. You can go to a huge one such as Starwood which calls itself ‘the largest Pagan/Magickal/Consciousness gathering in North America (perhaps the world)’, or check out a long running famous one like Pagan Spirit Gathering (PSG) which has been going on since the 1980’s. Of course there are also seasonal festivals that occur all year round, like Wisteria’s Summer Solstice Festival in Ohio, which is where I’m going to be, but more about that in a minute.

So, say you want to go to a festival like that, what to do? Well I would suggest doing a little research. In the days of these here internets you can most likely find information about any kind of event in your area. To do so, you could just type in ‘pagan festivals’ into Google and see what comes up (adding your region or city may help), and you can also visit Witchvox and see what events they have listed in your area/region. Once you have an idea you can see if there’s a forum or facebook group that has people who are going or have been and talk to them. See what their experience is like. Each festival has it’s own vibe, but just about every one I’ve been to are pretty welcoming. If you’re nervous to go for the first time, I can assure you it’s completely ok. The first time I went to a festival was PSG about 13 years ago, and I went alone and was an inexperienced camper. Going to a festival like that opened me up to all kinds of new people and new ideas I would not have had the pleasure of meeting & experiencing had I otherwise stayed put. So yeah, if you haven’t I highly suggest checking one out for yourself!

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