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Astrology’s Last Stand: The Science of Celestial Influence

By Tony Cartledge

Astrology has been a mainstay of spiritual seekers for close to four thousand years. It is one of those spiritual tools that are simply accepted without question as a reliable window into the soul and the soul’s journey on earth. Such spiritual maps are somehow exempt from critical investigation, yet the great 20th century mystic G I Gurdjieff said that critical thinking was an essential requirement on the path to awakening, and that gullibility was one of modern man’s most serious obstacle to seeing the truth about himself and the world.

Astrology has been subjected to hundreds of controlled scientific tests and has failed almost every one. Some of the more high-profile tests have been undertaken not by critics, but by astrologers and their supporters in order to find true scientific proof, so the charge of prejudiced scepticism can not be used as an excuse.

The significance and value of astrology seems to me to fall into two camps – let’s call them the ‘mechanists’ and the ‘humanists.’ Humanists believe astrology’s value is primarily therapeutic and diagnostic, while mechanists also look for real and verifiable effects according to current laws of physics.

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