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Shake Your Earthquake Maker?

By Fionnchú

Do you blame disaster on miniskirts? Not as fashion police, but as divine retribution? Arrested development in our moral evolution, this rankles cleric Kazem Sadighi. He blames God’s temblors on hotties who make us tremble: “Iranian cleric defends earthquake-promiscuity link”.

It’s easy to mock this childish cause & effect. But when you consider (as I was raised) how many of us today carry within our own psyches this fear of divine retribution no matter our dramatic or subtle secularization after the often youthful formative fact, it’s less amusing. Dissidents face death under Islamic theocracies.

Persecution’s documented by Maryam Namazie. Her site “Iran Solidarity” depressingly fills the screen with evidence. For example, in response to Sadighi– who waffled that in fact a just Allah held back rather than accelerated the pace of seismic revenge so as to lull humans into complacency in which they’d commit more sins and merit hellfire all the more severely once the ground did open and fire did fall– read: “I would be executed in Iran if I did this.” This pronouncement against sodomitical Cities of the Plain led to what “Blag Hag” Jen McCreight promoted: “Why Boobquake Failed: God’s relationship with mankind is passive-aggressive and abusive”.

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