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Drink the Heath

By Siegfried Goodfellow

In pharmaceutical medicines, we take inert medicines to “fix” problems, and that is the end of our relationship with that substance, at least until there is another problem needing fixing.

In herbal medicine, we take energetically-alive medicines and form a relationship with them, welcoming them into us. There is a relationship of intimate hospitality and exchange. We welcome the spirit of the plant within us, recognizing its intelligence, and understanding that it will add its intelligence to ours such that ours will become enhanced. It is a longer-term, and more affective relationship.

We introduce ourselves to herbs because we are simpletons, literally. We are living on diets and lives bleached of color and flavor, scent and tonality. It is true that we overcompensate for this with massive stimulation, but quantity does not make up for quality. We are quality-less or low in qualities, and lack colorful nutrition. Our diets and experiences are often very narrow, and even our modern biomedicine consists of isolated, simplified substances without texture, complexity, or depth. One thing we are doing when we drink herbal teas is taking in nuances of flavor and feeling that have been a part of our evolutionary experience for millions of years.

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