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Environmentalism, NeoPaganism and EcoFascism

Here We Go Again

By Gus diZerega

I recently have come across some arguments about a supposed “eco-fascist” threat to America. It is usually paired with claims that Paganism has fascist implications. Both the secular Left and the classical liberal and religious Right have been making these claims. Since my search on Google revealed no serious rebuttals except a quick one I penned some while ago, I am adding a lengthier more deeply argued reply in the hope others will find it useful.

The secular left attacks environmentalism and Paganism because it remains infatuated with the image of scientific control over our future, and regards earth-centered spirituality as atavistic. Peter Staudenmaier and Janet Biehl’s Ecofascism: Lessons from the German Experience is a recent broadside from that direction.

The right does so because anything that does not serve their adoration of power over Nature (and beyond the libertarians, in many cases over other people) is the “enemy.” On the right, at a serious intellectual level we have Anna Bramwell’s Ecology in the Twentieth Century. But Bramwell is not anti-environmentalist enough for some, as the “ecofascism” website demonstrates. William Kay the principle writer at this site also finds a disturbing fascist connection to Pagans and Deep Ecologists.

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