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The ABCs of Pagan Festivals

By Bronwynn Forrest Torgerson

The season of Pagan festivals is upon us! From coast to coast, they stretch in grand array, each with something unique to offer, so many to choose from within your grasp. Here is a festival alphabet to make your selection easier and ensure that you have the experience your heart desires.

All Aboard! You’ve checked your bank account, whipped out your road atlas, and selected a pagan festival you’re eager to attend. A bunch of folks from your circle or coven would love to tag along. Here are some things to consider: Are there financial perks to going as a group? Some events offer a coven discount. Flying can be a nightmare, unless you can all snag seats on the same plane, and it can be a headache trying to coordinate meet-up times at airports and picking up late arrivals via rental cars. Carpooling may be a better option, if you have the time. Caravanning, armed with roadside assistance cards and cell phones, can make for jolly company and the miles will seem to speed by. As for accommodations, be honest with yourself in what you need when dreamtime comes, and how much motel room you are comfortable sharing. Some pagan events are held at campgrounds, which, in addition to tent camping areas, may offer bunkhouse-style cabins. Make sure you have a space to regroup and collect your thoughts amidst what can be a nonstop affair.

Badge Ribbons are quite the merriest chase I know! In the colossal crowd at PantheaCon, held in San Jose, California every February, is a colorful, high-spirited quest. When you check in at the registration desk, you are given your name badge in a clear casing. Your mission—and you will delight in accepting it—is to hit up presenters, merchants, entertainers, and hospitality suites for narrow ribbons imprinted with a variety of slogans. They come in all colors and have adhesive strips along the back so that they can be attached to your name badge. As the weekend goes on, your collection will grow until you look like some decorated general. I hope the custom catches on in many places.

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