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The Demonization of Loki – Part II

By Galina Krasskova

One of the most enduring theories about Loki’s nature is that he is the quintessential Trickster figure. While this theory is not without controversy, it does provide an interesting avenue into the examination of Loki’s character. Lewis Hyde, in his book Trickster Makes the World, defines a Trickster Deity as one who . . . → Read More: The Demonization of Loki – Part II

Astrology’s Last Stand: The Science of Celestial Influence

By Tony Cartledge

Astrology has been a mainstay of spiritual seekers for close to four thousand years. It is one of those spiritual tools that are simply accepted without question as a reliable window into the soul and the soul’s journey on earth. Such spiritual maps are somehow exempt from critical investigation, yet the . . . → Read More: Astrology’s Last Stand: The Science of Celestial Influence

Shake Your Earthquake Maker?

By Fionnchú

Do you blame disaster on miniskirts? Not as fashion police, but as divine retribution? Arrested development in our moral evolution, this rankles cleric Kazem Sadighi. He blames God’s temblors on hotties who make us tremble: “Iranian cleric defends earthquake-promiscuity link”.

It’s easy to mock this childish cause & effect. But when you . . . → Read More: Shake Your Earthquake Maker?

Taming the Gods, by Ian Buruma

Author Interview by Lisa Webster

Few writers could to pick a theme like the global interplay of democracy and religion and hope to utter the final word on the subject. In his latest book, Ian Buruma, a journalist and historian with over a dozen seminal books to his credit, does something better. The three essays . . . → Read More: Taming the Gods, by Ian Buruma

A Greater Heathen Community

By Swain Wodening

We often hear the phrase “the Heathen Community” implying that there is a community of all people that are Heathen. Is this really so?

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines “community” as:

a unified body of individuals: as a : state, commonwealth b : the people with common interests living in a particular . . . → Read More: A Greater Heathen Community

You Are Not a Gadget, by Jaron Lanier

Reviwed by Mark Vernon

“You Are Not A Gadget”, the new book by Silicon Valley luminary Jaron Lanier is, he says, fundamentally a book about spirituality. He is at pains to stress that humans are not machines, though the digital revolution has developed the habit of assuming we are. So, he advises, “We should . . . → Read More: You Are Not a Gadget, by Jaron Lanier

Drink the Heath

By Siegfried Goodfellow

In pharmaceutical medicines, we take inert medicines to “fix” problems, and that is the end of our relationship with that substance, at least until there is another problem needing fixing.

In herbal medicine, we take energetically-alive medicines and form a relationship with them, welcoming them into us. There is a relationship of . . . → Read More: Drink the Heath

Many Faiths, One Truth

By His Holiness the Dalai Lama

When I was a boy in Tibet, I felt that my own Buddhist religion must be the best — and that other faiths were somehow inferior. Now I see how naïve I was, and how dangerous the extremes of religious intolerance can be today.

Though intolerance may be . . . → Read More: Many Faiths, One Truth

The Demonization of Loki – Part I.

Norse mythology as reflected in the Prose and Poetic Eddas, stories recorded one hundred years after the close of the last Heathen Temple (in Uppsala, Sweden in 1100 C.E.) is replete with dynamic, inter-related families of Gods and Goddesses. Their dramas, exploits and behaviors reflect a curious panoply of conflicting elements that at times seem, . . . → Read More: The Demonization of Loki – Part I.

Environmentalism, NeoPaganism and EcoFascism

Here We Go Again

By Gus diZerega

I recently have come across some arguments about a supposed “eco-fascist” threat to America. It is usually paired with claims that Paganism has fascist implications. Both the secular Left and the classical liberal and religious Right have been making these claims. Since my search on Google revealed no . . . → Read More: Environmentalism, NeoPaganism and EcoFascism