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Magical Black Salt

What it is, how to make it, how to use it

By Mrs. B.

In reading about the Hoodoo tradition, I am very impressed with how many things I can whip up using items from my kitchen. Black salt is one of those things that has multiple uses and can be created quite easily. In fact, it can be created in several different ways. As with much of magic, it’s more the intention you put behind it than the ingredients or tools that you use.

First up, let’s learn a bit about black salt, shall we?

Black salt is sometimes called Sal Negro, Witches’ Salt, Drive Away Salt, Voodoo Salt or Santeria Salt. It can be used for driving away evil or negative energies, it can be added to war water (more on that another day). You can sprinkle it in the doorways and corners of a room or business to drive away negativity or give you protection against bad neighbors or co-workers. Sprinkle it around your property or garden for protection. It can be used to cast circles of strong protection. Black salt has also been traditionally used in removing hexes and jinxes.

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