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Why Reconstruction?

By Swain Wodening

I have seen it asked why reconstruct an ancient religion? Why not just worship the Gods in new ways? The answer is really quite simple, the ancients knew more about worshiping the Germanic gods than we do. The wisest of us knows less than a ten year old child of Germanic tribesmen two thousand years ago about Heathenry. Put quite simply, the ancient Heathens worshiped the Gods for thousand of years using roughly the same methods over and over again. The portrayal of symbel in Beowulff (dated to roughly to the seventh or eighth centuries using Kaluza’s law on resolution of metre, other methods date it to as late as 1025 CE) is almost the same as it is in the Heimskringla (written by Snorri Sturluson in the thirteen century). Our ancestors stuck to the tried and the true, and they did so for a reason. Not because it was the right way, but because it worked.

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