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Things New Wiccans can do for May Eve, without any training.

By Kat MacMorgan

In Wicca, May Eve traditionally runs from sunset on the last day of April until sunset on the first day of May. Unlike the solstices and equinoxes, which are astronomical events, May Eve is dated based on the secular calendar, although some people have decided to replace their May Eve celebration with a lunar holiday, celebrating on the full moon closest to May Eve. I actually dislike this practice, because our Roman-influenced secular calendar was always established with the idea that the first day of the month was special, whether a Roman market day, a Catholic Mass day or even a Bank holiday.
However May Eve is recognized in the Wiccan liturgical calender you use, whether it is dated traditionally or placed elsewhere in the month, whether you call it by a Germanic, Celtic, or Anglo-Saxon name, it still represents the center (cusp) of the holy year, as well as representing a date of maximum fecundity, a day upon which one begins great works, with the hope that they will grow full with time and blossom into something extraordinary.

So, what can an untrained or new Wiccan do to celebrate this season?

1. If you and your significant other are contemplating having kids, or more kids, May Eve is the traditional “first day” to start trying. Assuming you have a place available to you that is private and unspoiled, you may want to try consummating your relationship in the wild, surrounding yourself with the signs of nature and the start of growth as you start that great work.

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