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The Degree System

What Are Degrees and How Do You Earn Them?

By Patti Wigington

In many traditions of Wicca, as well as some other Pagan religions, one’s studies are marked by Degrees. A Degree shows that the student has spent time learning, studying and practicing. It’s a common misconception that attaining a degree is an end goal, but in fact most HPS will tell their initiates that being granted a Degree is just the beginning of a new and empowering process.

In many covens, it is traditional for a new initiate to wait a year and a day before they can be granted their First Degree ranking. During this time, the initiate studies and typically follows a lesson plan designated by the coven’s High Priestess or High Priest. Such a lesson plan might include books to read, written assignments to turn in, public activities, demonstration of skills or knowledge obtained, etc.

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