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Salt Lamps: Healing and Cleansing

By Rowan Pendragon

One of the most unique and interesting items for healing and cleansing your home and sacred space is also a very natural and magickal thing as well. It’s mined salt crystal and when used it helps to release negative ions into the air to cleanse and refresh your space and your spirit.

Most salt crystal used today in these lamps come from the Himalayan mountains though it is also found in Russia and parts of central Europe. The salt that is mined is often very, very old (some miners claim the salt to be millions of years old) and therefore the pieces have a very high mineral content. When the salt is mined it is then hollowed out in the center either to allow a light bulb to be placed inside from the bottom or to allow for a candle to go into the center from the top of the crystal. When lit, the bulb or candle flame heat the salt and cause a release of negative ions into the air. The negative ions connect and attach themselves to positive ions in the air, which take the form of pollutants, and help to neutralize them. When the positive and negative ions connect they essentially become too heavy to stay in the air and end up falling to the ground and being removed from the air circulation.

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