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The Way of the Horned God

A Young Man’s Guide to Modern Paganism

Reviewed by BadWitch

It can be tough if you are a teenager who wants to learn about paganism. The chances are that you won’t find an adult willing to initiate you into the nature religion until you are 18, so you are limited to searching the internet, reading books on the subject and practicing on your own.

If you are a young man, things are more difficult than if you are a young woman, because many of the books around seem to assume that only girls want to be witches. Yet modern witchcraft includes plenty of men.

The Way of the Horned God: A Young Man’s Guide to Modern Paganism by Dancing Rabbit is specifically intended to redress that balance. Written by a school teacher who is also a pagan, it is aimed at parents of a teenage boys as well as young men who are serious about pagan spirituality.

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