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Kriya & Tantra Yoga

The Foundations of Ritual Magick

By Frater Barrabbas

In my previous writings I have emphasized the requirement for a basic practice of meditation, which is asana, breath control (simple forms of pranayama), contemplation and the use of simple mantras and mandalas so as to aid the practitioner in learning to master the mind and . . . → Read More: Kriya & Tantra Yoga

Does Evolution Favor Religion?

By Mark Vernon

I was at a conference just recently, where we told tales of vampire bats that share their blood, bacteria that work together, and monkeys that ease group tensions by making love. It set me thinking about the evolution of morality, for there is one story of it that’s often told, and it . . . → Read More: Does Evolution Favor Religion?

Runes: Theory and Practice, by Galina Krasskova

Reviewed by Henry

I have enjoyed what I have read of Galina Krasskova’s writings, so I was quite excited to review this book. Having devoured it, I have come to the conclusion that, although there are some discordant notes that did not sit comfortably with me, it is on the whole a valuable contribution to . . . → Read More: Runes: Theory and Practice, by Galina Krasskova

Why I’m a Pagan

By Stephen McNallen

I am a pagan because it is the only way I can be true to who, and what, I am. I am a pagan because the best things in our civilization come from pre-Christian Europe. I am a pagan because our ancestral religion is needed to help reverse the decline and impending . . . → Read More: Why I’m a Pagan

Divine Retribution

By Uncle Thor

The Gods are vastly greater than us. They are spiritual beings who are immeasurably wiser than we can imagine. The Gods understand everything about each one of us. They have us figured out. Being bigger than us, they are not prone to the human level of jealousy, anger, offense, spite, etc. There . . . → Read More: Divine Retribution

Witchcraft & Christianity

By Kathryn A. Graham

Why Do Some Christians Fear Witches?

During my 28 years as a practicing Wiccan, or “witch” if you prefer, I have had occasion to ask myself this difficult question many, many times. With the recent political controversy over the United States Army permitting pagan services to be held on military . . . → Read More: Witchcraft & Christianity

Transcendental Meditation: Military Application Gaining Acceptance

A leading scientific journal in Pakistan, The Journal of Management & Social Science, recently published a paper titled “A New Role for the Military: Preventing Enemies from Arising-Reviving an Ancient Approach to Peace,” indicating that the military application of the Transcendental Meditation technique has merit. The paper discusses how militaries worldwide could use the Transcendental . . . → Read More: Transcendental Meditation: Military Application Gaining Acceptance

The Others

By Beth

The question [is] about “gods/monsters like the World Serpent and the like, and whether they are ever portrayed in a positive light in the lore. The short answer is “no, not really.” The real answer is a bit more complicated than that, and would need to take into account a lot of . . . → Read More: The Others

The Secret History of Vampires, by Claude Lecouteux

Vampires. They’re everywhere you look these days. Not to sound all old grandma on you, but back in the day all a girl had to get her vampire fix with was a beat up VHS of “The Lost Boys”, a pirated copy of “Near Dark” (which was directed by Kathryn Bigelow, who just won the . . . → Read More: The Secret History of Vampires, by Claude Lecouteux

Religion and the science of virtue

By Mark Vernon

There is an intimate link between religion and morality. It’s not fashionable to say so: many argue that talk of a link – and talk is all it is – should be stopped. After all, individuals can clearly be good without God, and religious individuals hardly stand much scrutiny as paragons of . . . → Read More: Religion and the science of virtue