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The Truth About Eggs

by Levana Lindentree

Consider the egg: warm in your hand from the hen, or cold out of the refrigerator: its shell, very slightly rough, calciferous, ranging thicker to thinner, white to brown: its weight, its shape, its perfection.

The Great Goddess of darkness, Mother Night, Persephone, brought forth the World Egg in the beginning, . . . → Read More: The Truth About Eggs

Voudou Money Magic, By Kenaz Filan

Reviewed by Diana Rajchel

Stop here for a mature, concise and realistic guide to enlisting the aid of the Lwa, the ancestors and spirits of Voudou, to help you provide for your family’s survival. Filan takes great care to communicate the details of real Voudou practice, and makes it clear that such information is hard-won. . . . → Read More: Voudou Money Magic, By Kenaz Filan

HuffPost Tackles Religion and other Pagan News of Note

by Jason Pitzl-Waters

While traditional media outlets continue to cut back on their coverage of religion, there’s been a slow expansion on the Internet. Beliefnet, one of the first Internet religion-news hubs, continues to reign supreme in terms of size and traffic, but it’s starting to see some competition from sites like Patheos and the . . . → Read More: HuffPost Tackles Religion and other Pagan News of Note

Attitudes About Money

By Jamie Freeman

I suppose it is because we are a religion of converts, with many of us finding Paganism in our teens and early twenty’s–a time in life not noted for its material abundance–that we as a subculture seem to have a problem with money.

I get it. I really do. I mean, you’d . . . → Read More: Attitudes About Money

Of Pagans and Sunny Skies

by Eygló Svala Arnarsdóttir

I’m not a religious person but I’ve seriously considered joining Ásatrúarfélagid, the pagan society in Iceland. In 2006 I went to one of their ceremonies for a story and interviewed their high chieftain Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson, a very interesting fellow.

Hilmar told me that he makes his “bread and butter” . . . → Read More: Of Pagans and Sunny Skies

Principles of Wiccan Belief Revisited: #7

By Sitara Haye

We see religion, magic and wisdom in living as being united in the way one views the world and lives within it — a world view and a philosophy of life which we identify as Witchcraft — the Wiccan Way.

You have probably heard the statement that a Witch can be a . . . → Read More: Principles of Wiccan Belief Revisited: #7

Cauldron boils in witchy word war


The cauldron is bubbling and the spell-books are being frantically thumbed after the national coordinator of the Traditional Healers’ Organisation, Phepsile Maseko, blamed muti murders on “heartless witches”. “Your public allegation against witches is demonstrably false, defamatory and objectionable to real witches, who are not guilty of . . . → Read More: Cauldron boils in witchy word war

The Urban Asatruar and Nature

By Gallowsburden

Asatru is often referred to as a nature religion. But what does this mean? My personal interpretation of how Asatruars are suppose to interact with nature comes from the line of thought that the Land Vættir are our ancestors. The Vættir guard the ancestral home land and the farm stead from bad luck . . . → Read More: The Urban Asatruar and Nature

Witch Hunting: Not Just in History Books

by Rebecca Vernon

Witch hunts conjure images of 17th century Salem, The Crucible and perhaps even Monty Python. They are relics of the past and today are relegated to fiction. But for thousands of women in modern-day India, witch hunts are all too real. Over the last 15 years, an estimated 2,500 Indian women have . . . → Read More: Witch Hunting: Not Just in History Books

Meaning of Colours Across Cultures

By Deborah Swallow

Cross-cultural differences in colour meanings are sometimes the least of our worries when communicating internationally. I have just finished off an article which is to appear in the next edition of Winning EDGE magazine for the Insitute of Sales and Marketing. In it, I caution marketers to know their target audience as . . . → Read More: Meaning of Colours Across Cultures