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February 28 Full Moon

By Archie Dunlop

The Full Moon in now upon us, as you’ll notice if you look up a the night sky. The white disk is rapidly forming, and on February 28 at 4.38 pm GMT the Full Moon will be exact. That’s 11.38 am in New York, 8.38 am in Los Angeles, 6.38 pm in Athens, 10.08 pm in Mumbai.

As far as the February 28 Full Moon is concerned, it’s in the tenth degree of Virgo. To be precise, the Sun is at 9 degrees 59 minutes Pisces and the Moon is at 9 degrees 59 minutes Virgo.

When you’ve got a Pisces-Virgo Full Moon there’s a often a dichotomy between chaos and order. We try our best to sort out our lives, and create a nice routine for ourselves, but circumstances beyond our control threaten to sweep away our hard work. There’s also a danger of massive hypocrisy. People who claim to have their lives in order, who condemn other people’s sloppiness, are perhaps hiding a guilty secret. We then get the symbol of a house that’s immaculate, with clean white carpets, that’s built on a rotten, stinking sewer, that’s about to explode.

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