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Durga: The Beautiful and Deadly Hindu Goddess

By Jo Bingo

According to the Puranas, a demon named Mahisa or Mahisasura for years was in meditation. Since he meditated so well, Brahma gave him the power to never be killed by man. Consumed with greed, Mahisa dropped meditation and decided instead to conquer the earth and heavens, which he succeeded in doing with little difficulty. Angry and frustrated, the gods decided to create a woman with all of their divine power combined. Out of the mouths of Shiva, Brahma, and Vishnu came lightning, which resulted in the ten-handed goddess Durga or Shakti. Durga in sanskrit has been said to mean “unattainable,” “incomprehensible,” and “invincible.” Each god made a certain body part (for instance, her head was made by Shiva, arms by Vishnu, toe nails by Brahma, the list continues) and each god gave her his especial weapon, which she carries in her many hands (for example, Shiva gives his trident, Vishnu his discus, the list goes on). A lion from the himalayas was given for her to ride. In battle, the demon Mahisa attacked her in the form of a buffalo, and she quickly cut off its head. The demon came out in his true form and she stabbed him in the chest with Shiva’s trident, completing the task she was created to fulfill.

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