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Why McCollum’s Fight Matters

by Jason Pitzl-Waters

At times there are certain claims of workplace discrimination or harassment that can fail to inflame the passions of the larger Pagan community. Indeed, some instances can end up being brutally skewered by certain online Pagan communities, if the alleged harassment isn’t deemed serious enough. However, sometimes seemingly frivolous, or at least contentious, accusations can illustrate the importance of a larger struggle. Enter Milo Shiff, a Kemetic Witch and grocery-store greeter in California.

“He told them from the start they were hiring a witch. Milo Shiff had to tell them. He had to make sure they wouldn’t require him to cut his curly, gray-white hair. He had to tell them he couldn’t mutilate the flesh of mammals or birds—which didn’t turn out to be a problem, since they weren’t hiring him for the deli counter. He had to let them know he couldn’t use Microsoft computers—Bill Gates’ ethics conflict with those of Shiff’s deities—and he needed to warn them he used cannabis regularly for religious purposes.”

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