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Why we still need a Women’s Day

by Sarah Bingham

Monday, March 8 is a global celebration of International Women’s Day. Some of you might be asking, why the heck do we need an International Women’s Day? What’s the point? Women have already achieved equality, right? Wrong!

Sad as it is to say in this day and age, despite all of the strides women’s rights have made, even in Canada, the differences between women and men are fairly substantial. For proof look no farther than Canada’s own independent agency for collecting data, Statistics Canada. The StatsCan publication, “Women in Canada: A Gender-based Statistical Report”, released in 2006, has some pretty shocking information in it. The report itself is chock-full of all kinds of interesting statistics presented in a not-so-interesting way so we’ll just cover some of highlights to save you the trouble of reading through the entire 309 pages.

Right from the get-go we learn that “substantial gender gaps persist on most major socio-economic variables”, which essentially means that in a lot of really important things, women and men experience things very differently. There’s employment, income, violence, and a slew of other factors, but let’s stick to the big one: money.

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