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by Phoebe Sol

I sit, close my eyes, feeling at peace. Letting go of passing thoughts. Letting go of all tension. Just being. Following the breathing, I slowly feel a drifting sensation. The beating heart becomes expansive. All has fallen away except for the mere moment. The bliss. The connection with All That Is. Spirit. Oneness. No questions, no doubts.

Lasting a short span or longer, upon coming back into the awareness of my physical body, I feel refreshed. Why does indulging in such bliss result in feeling so good? We are nourishing our spirit. We are connecting with Spirit. The collective soup of all consciousness. It is a blessed reminder of the Goodness of that connectedness. A reminder that what we send out with our physical bodies through our emotions, thoughts and actions-comes back to us. Are we sending out heartfelt gratitude?

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