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Religion Is Not about God, by Loyal Rue

Reviewed by CelticScholar

The author, Loyal Rue, is a professor of philosophy and religion at Luther College in Decorah, Iowa. His writing style in this book is easy to follow even when he was explaining a complex thought.

The basic premise of the book is the idea that religion is not about God or Gods but about us. Religions that are successful are ones that influence our human nature so that we could think, feel and act in ways that are good for us, both on the personal level and on society level.

The book itself is divided into three parts.

Part one examines the evolutionary story and especially the evolution of behavior. Chapter one traces the evolutionary story from the first moment of creation to the emergence of life. Chapter two continues with the evolution of behavior from simple molecules to complex neurological systems. Chapter three concentrated on aspects of human nature that are open to manipulation by religious traditions. The author focuses on the dynamic interactions between emotional, cognitive and symbolic systems. Chapter four changes focus from human nature to spiritual traditions. This chapter talks about (in general) what is religion, its structure, its origins, and its function.

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