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Steampunk style chugging into Montreal


Robyn Stroll, who has been dressing up in costumes since she was a kid, has found inspiration in the steampunk movement. Two years ago, the 31-year-old Montrealer started to notice an eclectic mix of Victorian sensibility, magic and steamship-era science creeping into everything from literature to fashion. As she studied the trend, she learned it had a name: Steampunk. “There’s a wondrous feel about steampunk,” she said.

It’s also hard to define. Steampunk is a style and way of life associated with 20th-century science fiction. (Think Jules Verne.) The movement’s name refers to its focus on mechanical and steam technology. “It entails a love of the Victorian aesthetic, of things made well and beautiful, not just functional,” said Lee Ann Farruga, founder of Steampunk Canada. “It’s a genre, a community, a lifestyle.”

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