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PantheaCon Day 3

by Jason Pitzl-Waters

My pace at PantheaCon today was far more sedate. I slept in late-ish after staying up late last night, and just barely managed to get to the 11:00am “Towards A Pagan Psychology: Earth Based Spirituality & Therapy” panel. I don’t have the names of the participants, but the conversation was deeply fascinating. A recurring theme was how polytheism allows all of them to be better therapists and councilors, freeing them from a dualism and rigidity in their thinking and approaches to treatment.

After lunch, I attended the Immanion author panel, featuring Lupa, Erynn Laurie, Tony Mierzwicki, Frater Barrabbas, Sarai St Julien, Crystal Blanton, and others. While all the authors were coming from very different places in regards to practice and theology, there was a unifying element in their struggle to create their own paths. It was also mentioned how they were at peace with their “niche” status, and that selling to hundreds instead of thousands of books is part of releasing more advanced texts. It was a good panel, and gave a clear idea of that publisher’s identity and mission.

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