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Self-Dedication Ritual

by Leslie Ravenwing

Back when I discovered Wicca, I was told by so many people that only a witch can make a witch. In other words, you had to be initiated by another Pagan or Wiccan to truly be a Pagan/Wiccan/Witch. That is not so. You can go before the Gods and tell Them yourself that you wish to walk the Wiccan path.

Set up your temporary alter and quarter points. The quarters can be stones or candles but stones have the advantage of not blowing out if there is a breeze. Cast your circle of protection. Undress – remove all jewelry, watches etc and put into a bag. with your purse and other items that are easily lost. Consecrate the circle. Summon the guardians with these words, and don’t forget to pause to visualize the element concerned and to think upon the significance of that element for your self dedication:

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