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Crystals – who are we fooling?

By Rowan

Am I the only pagan who feels a need to heal other people’s crystals? I ask this because I have become increasingly concerned over the past few years at the (as I see it) unwarranted prominence given to crystals in so many new age and “pagan” publications. They seem to have become a sort of sacred cow of neo paganism. You know – the “a real pagan has shelves full of crystals” or “crystals were the secret power source of Atlantis” approaches. Well, sorry, but this is a load of crap. Let us stop for a moment and compare the romantic fantasy about crystals with the oh-so-unromantic reality.

The fantasy appears to work upon the sad belief that all crystals which are sold in new age shops, whether in their rough or polished state, have been collected from the banks of some long lost river in an untouched-by-Western-“civilisation” Amazonian rain forest paradise by a native shaman (what’s one of those when he’s at home?) in a between-the-worlds trance – which is about as realistic as the plot of a Barbara Cartland “novel”.

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