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Altared States

By PostalPagan

On the surface, an altar may appear to be nothing more than a place to leave your tools and photos of them may look to you like something from an antique shop. As with tools, there are reasons to have an altar as well as a system behind their use and arrangement.

The basic reason for an altar is to have a location to place your tools in a functional way. Secondly, it also serves as a place of focus, a trigger for the emotional state for ritual, a way to honor deities and ancestors as well as an expression of both your individuality and magickal path. Over time, with repeated use, it will become a place of power; the physical focus of your magick and ritual.

There are no hard and fast rules regarding the size, shape or placement of an altar. It does need to be large enough to accommodate tools and other items you would normally use such as representations of deity, candles and possibly your book of shadows without being cluttered.

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