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PantheaCon Day 1

by Jason Pitzl-Waters

What a day. My previous experiences with groups of Pagans couldn’t have prepared me for the sensory overload that is PantheaCon. It is literally jam-packed with Pagans of all kinds everywhere you look. No sooner had I arrived, it seemed, that I was meeting and greeting with folks I’ve only spoken with on the phone or conversed with over the Internet. I had a chance to briefly connect with Pagan chaplain Patrick McCollum and talk about the important work he’s doing, and I also got to chat with Pagan scholar Sabina Magliocco, along with several of my fellow board members at Cherry Hill Seminary.

As an aside, and speaking of folks I’ve only met previously on the Internet. Poet and author Erynn Rowan Laurie, one of the founders of the Celtic Reconstruction movement, has run into some horrendously bad luck with her car in the process of getting to this convention. So if you’ve been meaning to look into her writing, why not buy the PDF version of “Circle of Stones” for only $10 (there’s other stuff of hers’ you can purchase at the link as well). You’d get some great writing, and you’ll be helping out someone in a bind.

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