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Universal Polytheism

by Gus diZerega

This is a small essay that tries to show how polytheism is universal in all theistic religious traditions. I pick Christianity to make my case, but I think Islam or Judaism would also ‘work.’ In the process those who wonder why I sometimes defend Christianity and sometimes criticize it will see why that is so.

For thousands of years people lived in a world populated by many spiritual forces, and did not think of them as all being subordinate to or in revolt against some central divine king. Today many scholars see their awareness as a first primitive step towards more sophisticated spiritual understandings, culminating in monotheism. To them, we Pagans seem a kind of romantic throwback or evolutionary degeneration. Even liberal and tolerant scholars of religion and theologians who are often friendly to non-Western Pagans often have a hard time taking NeoPagans seriously. After all, modern Westerners should know better. (Happily this dismissive attitude is improving, but is still prominent.)

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