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Slain Woman, Ex Made Wiccan Pact, Cops Say

by David Lohr

Prosecutors in Everett, Wash., say a Gold Bar man murdered his former girlfriend last month because she broke a “Wiccan blood oath” to break off a relationship with another man.

“Both Christensen and Harlan were members of the Wiccan church, and Christensen had Ms. Harlan enter into this blood oath in December 2009, promising not to see this other fellow — her sugar daddy,” Craig Matheson, Snohomish County senior deputy prosecutor, told AOL News. “She promised to do that during the course of this oath that was witnessed by another Wiccan.”

“He described the oath as a ceremony where you promise to do various things or not do various things and you seal the deal by pricking a finger, getting some blood and burning that in some incense,” Matheson said. “That blood is part of sealing the deal. They do their various incantations, make the oath and purify the circle. According to Christensen, back in ancient times, if you break the blood oath, the penalty for that could be death.”

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