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Feminist Ethics

Feminist Ethics is an attempt to revise, reformulate, or rethink traditional ethics to the extent it depreciates or devalues women’s moral experience. Among others, feminist philosopher Alison Jaggar faults traditional ethics for letting women down in five related ways. First, it shows less concern for women’s as opposed to men’s issues and interests. Second, traditional . . . → Read More: Feminist Ethics

Quickening Moon Feb. 28

by Patti Wigington

Winter is still pounding away at many of us, and this month’s full moon is known as the Quickening Moon. It’s the time of year when new life may be beginning, but it still lies dormant. Pregnant animals, due in the spring, begin to feel the quickening of their unborn young. The . . . → Read More: Quickening Moon Feb. 28

Some Differences between Wiccan and Celtic Paganism

Cosmology – Wicca uses a “four elements” cosmology deriving from medieval alchemy, which in turn, came from Greek philosophy. Wicca categorizes these four elements according to the cardinal directions, with a long list of associations for each. Celtic cosmology is based on threes. A primary example of this is the “three realms” of Land, Sea, . . . → Read More: Some Differences between Wiccan and Celtic Paganism

The Fight to be Female

By Julia Hughes Jones

“Girls begin to talk and to stand on their feet sooner than boys because weeds always grow up more quickly than good crops” — Martin Luther, 1533.

When I first read the above quotation several decades ago, I wanted to know why anyone would say such a thing. What I discovered . . . → Read More: The Fight to be Female

February 28 Full Moon

By Archie Dunlop

The Full Moon in now upon us, as you’ll notice if you look up a the night sky. The white disk is rapidly forming, and on February 28 at 4.38 pm GMT the Full Moon will be exact. That’s 11.38 am in New York, 8.38 am in Los Angeles, 6.38 pm . . . → Read More: February 28 Full Moon

S**tlist phrase of the month: “A true Wiccan or Pagan…”

By Diana Rajchel

I’ve seen it on PaganSpace and other places, and it damn near makes my head spin.

“A true Wiccan or pagan…” usually followed by “doesn’t”…

Aren’t we chest-poundingly pious? Ugh. The new testament of the Bible had this whole thing about not praying in public because even God cum Yahweh or Jehovah . . . → Read More: S**tlist phrase of the month: “A true Wiccan or Pagan…”

Hummer going out of production?

By Dan Strumpf

Unless a last-minute buyer steps forward, General Motors Co.’s Hummer brand is fading into history.

The sale of the SUV brand with military roots to a Chinese heavy equipment maker has collapsed. GM said it would still hear offers for the company, but potential investors would have to move fast.

. . . → Read More: Hummer going out of production?

Mermaids in Myth and Art

By Gail-Nina Anderson

Like angels, mermaids belong to that category of beings we might just hope to see, though almost certainly we haven’t and won’t. Still, we recognise them at once, a familiar image in our culture if not our experience. Unlike angels, however, mermaids don’t exist within a theological framework that “explains” them. There’s . . . → Read More: Mermaids in Myth and Art

Durga: The Beautiful and Deadly Hindu Goddess

By Jo Bingo

According to the Puranas, a demon named Mahisa or Mahisasura for years was in meditation. Since he meditated so well, Brahma gave him the power to never be killed by man. Consumed with greed, Mahisa dropped meditation and decided instead to conquer the earth and heavens, which he succeeded in doing . . . → Read More: Durga: The Beautiful and Deadly Hindu Goddess

Why McCollum’s Fight Matters

by Jason Pitzl-Waters

At times there are certain claims of workplace discrimination or harassment that can fail to inflame the passions of the larger Pagan community. Indeed, some instances can end up being brutally skewered by certain online Pagan communities, if the alleged harassment isn’t deemed serious enough. However, sometimes seemingly frivolous, or at least . . . → Read More: Why McCollum’s Fight Matters