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Hostility Towards Mysticism Among Hellenic Polytheists

By Kullervo

There is some hostility to mysticism out on the Hellenic Internet, mostly as a reaction to and a bulwark against the real and perceived mystical excesses of modern New Age and Neopaganism. But I think it gets taken much too far. It’s one thing to be skeptical about other peoples claims of mystical experience, especially when the content of the claimed experience is self-serving or at odds with a traditional understanding of the gods. Those kinds of claims need to be carefully examined, because the potential got fraud, abuse, and just plain silliness us unfortunately high.

But to have a default position of hostility is to take it too far. It’s not that hard to quickly evaluate mystical claims and discount the ones that don’t add up or that clearly have more to do with getting attention or seeking status than with real experiences of the gods’ presence. If nothing else, context–both the context of tradition and lore as well as the context of the person’s behavior–tells you all you need to know.

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