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Combining the Major Religions with Wicca

By Julie Cornewell

I am an eclectic pagan. To non-pagans who don’t understand that term, I refer to myself as a “spiritual mutt.” I almost always feel like a spiritual “jack of all trades, master of none.” I have longed to truly dedicate myself to one Wiccan tradition or pagan spiritual system. I started out studying Gardnerian Wicca and while I respect Wicca’s origins, the truth is it bored me to tears. I will never forget the joy I felt when I discovered eclectic Wicca and paganism.

However, as I’ve matured spiritually, I have realized the value of dedicating yourself to one specific path. My problem is, I have yet to figure out exactly what that path is. I am in the process of exploring different Wiccan traditions and branches of paganism such as Druidism and shamanism but am also looking at more unconventional paths.

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