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Bog woman given a face

A 2000-year-old body found in a northeastern Jutland bog has received a makeover – coroner style The female known as the Auning Woman, found in a northeastern Jutland bog 1886, and housed at the Museum for Culture and History in Randers, has finally got a face. Reasonably well-preserved when she popped up from the bog, the woman’s 2000-year-old skull was broken into several pieces. But sculptor Bjørn Skaarup and medical examiner Niels Lynnerup from the Panum Institute in Copenhagen have now reconstructed the Auning Woman’s face, using the common forensic clay method first developed by Russian anthropologist Mikhail Gerasimov.

Experts believe the woman was killed as a sacrifice, probably to pagan gods. ‘She was a perfectly ordinary looking woman,’ Lynnerup told Berlingske Tidende newspaper, adding that the degree of recognition accuracy from the forensic process is around 70 percent. ‘There’s no way to recreate a 100 percent perfect photographic likeness,’ he said. ‘But we’re certain that if anyone who knew the woman were to see the reconstruction, then they’d say it looks like her.’

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