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The Burning of Margaret Murray

By Fire Lyte

Stop me if you’ve heard this before. There existed a pan-European, pre-Christian religion – called the “Old Religion” – that centered on a triple-Goddess and a horned God. This Goddess and God were worshipped by covens of thirteen witches who held ritual sabbats led by a High Priest and High Priestess. The Christian church waged war against these witches, killing 9 million of them in a period called “The Burning Times.” Due to this persecution, witches began using everyday household items that couldn’t be used by the Inquisition as evidence of witchcraft. All of this is why we now have a resurgence of belief in the Goddess and God, keep the sabbats, and use simple tools like cauldrons, knives, herbs, and candles as our craft tools.

Have you heard this? Does it sound like the given history, more or less, of modern neo-paganism? Doesn’t it sound really true?

Meet Margaret Murray. Pardon… Dr. Margaret Murray. Dr. Margaret Murray was an Egyptologist, born in 1863, who began having an interest in European religion and witchcraft in general after she was no longer able to conduct field research in Egypt. Hilda Davidson, a close friend of Murray’s in later years, said, “She behaved in fact rather like someone who was a fully convinced member of some unusual religious sect, or perhaps, of the Freemasons…” What was she convinced of, and how did she come to this conclusion?

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