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Principles of Wiccan Belief Revisited: #1

By Sitara Haye

“We practice rites to attune ourselves with the natural rhythm of life forces marked by the phases of the Moon and the seasonal Quarters and Cross-Quarters.”

The first principle set forth by the Council of American Witches (CAW) goes straight for the heart of one of the most common opportunity for misunderstanding and misconception of the Wiccan path — ritual. It’s a short, quick trip in the mind of a non-Wiccan from ‘Wiccan’ to ‘witchcraft’ to some media-nursed vision of people doing Who-Knows-What in the dark. Interrupting this trip can help the record straight, which usually requires explaining what Wiccans do long before you actually get down to what Wiccans believe.

As the first tenet, Principle #1 is the receptionist for the Office Of Wicca. It’s your smiling first impression. Its job is to put you at ease, make you comfortable, open the door for you. Principle #1 neatly sets up the Wiccan Universe: we honor life forces and work to become one with them, we use ritual to do this, and we time these rituals based on the moon cycles and the seasonal quarters and cross quarters. See? At ease. Wiccans aren’t a threat. Our faith is for us, because we honor life and want to be in synch with life. We do this by doing ritual at certain times. Welcome to our world.

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