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The mysterious production of blizzards


The rituals, superstitions and talismans Telluriders swear bring the snow…Maybe it all paid off. As the town looked anxiously to the horizon like a dog panting at the door for its owner, many started dancing, rubbing, stashing, and turning to the traditions of paganism to bring a dump to Telluride. A town where the Weather Channel is treated with as much skepticism as a palm reader has little choice but to turn to superstition and charms. And the rituals surrounding the summoning of snow in this town are as eclectic as the residents themselves.

J Michael Brown, who’s lived in Telluride since the mountain opened, said the burning was a near-Pagan ritual, viewed as an offering and always accompanied by a dancing circle of skiers ensorcelled by the dirty flames. As it turns out, the fires, and the dances, are not a thing of the past. Alex Chaloux went to a bonfire in Ophir where a couple of dozen pair were sacrificed, including a cherished set of Volkl Gotamas. Kelli and Galena Gleason were among the crowd of about two dozen, doing a daring jig around the fire that saw them chanting for “buckets and buckets and buckets of snow,” grabbing forearms and twirling, kicking their legs into each others’ like a pretzel, tapping feet and creating a tangle that always worked itself out.

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