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Grail or Cauldron

The Grail is an Awareness and not a cup.

Sir Laurence Gardner says that the Tuatha De Danann were referred to as the “Dragon Lords of Anu”. The proper translation is the “people or tribe or clan of the Goddess Anu”. In their day were never called the Sidhe. The term Sidhe is one given by the Church to declassify the Tuatha De Danann from their noble Atlantean ancestry and to turn them into fairies, which is what the term sidhe means when it is translated. They did not settle in Ireland about 800 BC, nor did they come from Mesopotamia. It must always be remembered that the scribes of the Catholic Church wrote most of the written records of Ireland’s prehistory. They had a vested interest in devaluing the true ancestry of a once noble race. All of the early invasions of Ireland were deliberately jumbled up, all the gods had sad or weak deaths and that it was only because of a long standing oral tradition that this strategy of disinformation was needed.

Sir Laurence seems to have forgotten this when he spoke of the Tuatha De Danann. The reality is that the Tribe of Anu landed from the air in the north west of Ireland at Co. Mayo. They also brought four magical totems with them. These are; the Lia Fail or the stone of destiny, which cried out when the proper king touched it (some researchers say it was loaned to an Irish Chieftain for his coronation as King of Scotland, this story goes on to include the possibility that the Lia Fail is now under the seat that British Monarchs use for their coronation, remember that Irish kings were elected and British kings were bloodlines), a magical spear that whistled when thrown and never missed its target, a magical harp that would make its own music when the proper king was under threat of death and the Cauldron of Plenty that never went empty, that is to say it was a source of continual abundance.

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