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New Year 2010 comes on a blue moon

by Zsuzsanna Budapest & Bobbie Grennier

Every year the New York’s Times Square drops the Swarovski crystal filled ball of light on New Year’s Eve. But this year, New Year’s Eve is special because it’s a Blue Moon. According to Pagan folklore, a blue moon is the appearance of a second full moon in any given month.

Really it’s the thirteenth moon in the year, but the Gregorian calendar only allows for twelve moons. That makes the thirteenth moon most auspicious for Pagans, and a fine time for doing our magical prayers and spells.

That extra moon gave rise to the Pagan’s folklore saying, “It happens but once in a blue moon.” Pagans find meaning in such a rare occurrence, and such a rare occurrence on the turning of the year’s wheel from 2009 to 2010 is most auspicious.

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