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Casting Spells by Moon Phase

by Joanne E. Brannan

The various phases of the moon affect subtle energies here on earth, and Wiccans have long worked with moon magic when casting spells. Casting spells in the appropriate moon phase enhances their magical power, and deepens the spell-caster’s instinctive bond with the natural world. To further enhance the magical effect, cast spells outside under the moon light, or work with the light of the moon shining through a window. Moon bathing, the practice of sitting or laying in the light of the moon is an evocative experience that many wiccans enjoy, allowing them to simply appreciate and absorb the subtle energy of the light of the moon.

The waxing moon is the best time to cast spells to find new love, prosperity spells and rituals and any spell that concerns attraction and growth, or putting plans into action. The full moon offers a powerful energy to be used with care for expansion in everyday life, and personal magnetism. Also a wonderful time to celebrate the wonders of nature.

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