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Harmonizing with the Fates

by Zsuzsanna E. Budapest

Before all else, know that we are always in deep and energetic transformation. Always. Not just at the end of a millennium, but in the middle of it and at the start of it – always. These constant transformations do not depend on our particular way of counting of time: a millennium doesn’t really exist, except in human calendars.

What does exist are celestial wheels within wheels, the universal bodies of the ancient Zodiac, the planets of Pluto and Neptune and Uranus. Layered like a wedding cake, the Sun and moon, the planets Venus and Mars, color, modify, define, and express each other with their influences on Earth and its inhabitants. Some wheels of life are turning just now, some already have turned, some will begin to turn at any moment. These forces in concert were called many things – Diving Providence, Fate, and Astrological Ages. All these names denote a kind of order, a dependable system which we don’t quite fully understand but that we know is present.

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