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Public Schools response to internet censorship

by Andrah Wyrdfire

Dorothy Crinshaw of the Indianapolis Public Schools was able to return a phone call made last week to her office before Thanksgiving regarding IPS censoring Pagan/Wiccan and Atheistic content and was able to answer a few questions.

When asked if she could verify whether or not IPS was censoring Pagan/Wiccan (alternative spirituality) websites, Dorothy stated that she was unaware of that being the case and asked for an example of a website so that she could look for herself. Upon searching for Wicca on her IPS computer, she found that she was able to not only obtain results but click on any of the results and open the pages.

Dorothy clarified that what might block that type of site would not be the religion classification but most likely if it had a blog or social networking option of some sort. She went on to say that if there was a Pagan/Wiccan or Atheistic website that was being blocked for some reason and a teacher wanted it unblocked for educational purposes, it would be no problem for that teacher to contact the IT department in order to have it unblocked and made available for his/her student(s).

Read the original article at: National Examiner

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