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Early witches in Hampton Roads

Do you know that we had supposed witches and devils here in Virginia long before they appeared up in Massachusetts?

When those three small ships, the Susan Constant, the Godspeed, and the Discovery, arrived off the coast of Virginia in April of 1607, they brought with them 104 English men and boys. The settlers themselves brought their thoughts of home and their beliefs and values. Unfortunately, among their beliefs was the conviction that witches were alive and thriving in the world.

The 17th century was an age when ideas of witches, demons, sorcerers, and sea monsters were accepted by almost every Englishman, regardless of his social or intellectual station in life. It is reflected in the literature of the time… Christopher Marlowe’s Doctor Faustus and William Shakespeare’s Macbeth, Midsummer Night’s Dream, and The Tempest. Why, even good King James himself got into the act by writing a book called Demonologie.

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