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Making magickal teas

by Kiki Dombrowski

Making a magickal tea is a wonderful way to bring magick into your daily warm cup of tea. By combining herbs with magickal energies and holistic benefits, you can create a tea that assists you in whatever energy and magick you wish to draw into your life. There are different ways to make teas that have both holistic and magickal benefits. Through research, recommendation, and recipes suggested by herbal manuals and magickal guides, get together the herbs that you need. Have a clean work area, and use a clean bowl to mix the herbs.

1. Use herbs with holistic benefits that have magickal color correspondences.
2. Use herbs with holistic benefits that have magickal numerical correspondences.
3. Have a favorite loose tea? Add a small hint of an herb with magickal properties in it to draw those energies to you during your day.

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