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A World Without Monotheism

By SkepticLawyer

Fox argues very persuasively that without Constantine, Christianity would have just been another religion of the Roman Empire, and that it had probably reached its growth limit: early Christians were already becoming endogamous (endogamy kills your faith unit real slow instead of real quick, but it does kill it in time), and the religion simply wasn’t going anywhere in the countryside (’paganus’ [sing] simply means ‘country person’, although it later took on rather pejorative tones, once Christianity became the state religion).

When I next had time to discuss paganism with my student, rather than disputing what the relative contributions of Christianity or Islam or classical antiquity were to modern scientific progress and the scientific method, I engaged in a different exercise: what would a technologically advanced pagan civilisation look like? If the Romans had had an industrial revolution (which is a plausible piece of speculation) what sort of world would they have built?

A few things came clear to me, many of them coloured by my residence in Japan.

1. Pagan societies tend to be shame cultures, not guilt cultures. This has quite dramatic effects on the tone and tenor of one’s society.

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