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Hallowe’en is the devil’s work, Catholic church warns parents

by Graham Keeley and Richard Owen

When Victoria Romero, 6, dressed up as a witch for a Hallowe’en party this week she could hardly have imagined that she was provoking the wrath of God by attending a celebration akin to a Black Mass — at least in the eyes of the Vatican and the Roman . . . → Read More: Hallowe’en is the devil’s work, Catholic church warns parents

Dangerous liaisons: Why we find vampires sexy

By Brian Alexander

It’s official: there are now enough vampires flying around the pop culture landscape to fill Transylvania Stadium during homecoming.

In the past week alone, a new novel co-written by a descendant of Dracula author Bram Stoker has been released, a comic book company has announced that Stephen King is helping write . . . → Read More: Dangerous liaisons: Why we find vampires sexy

Turn back your clocks

By MIchael Di Massa

Don’t forget to “fall back” and check smoke detectors this weekend.

On Sunday, Nov. 1 at 2 a.m., time will revert back to standard, giving everyone an extra hour to sleep in.

Since 2007, the time change has reverted to standard time on the first Sunday of November . . . → Read More: Turn back your clocks

Inmate gets his wish: Witch name

By Todd Cooper

Let’s just hope this guy doesn’t give witches a bad name. Just in time for Halloween, former Fremont resident Billy Joe McDonald has received a judge’s permission to change his “Christian” name to his “witch” name: Hayden Autumn Blackthorne.

In requesting the change for religious reasons, McDonald — er, Blackthorne — wrote . . . → Read More: Inmate gets his wish: Witch name

The Bornless One Invocation Rite

By Frater Barrabbas

Perhaps one of the most compelling rituals that I have ever studied or attempted to perform is known as the Bornless Rite, which I have called the Bornless One Invocation rite. It’s part of the extended Golden Dawn lore, but has little or no documentation accompanying it. In fact, it doesn’t even . . . → Read More: The Bornless One Invocation Rite

Statistics Canada breaks down Halloween

In honour of Halloween, Statistics Canada has rolled out some facts and figures on everything from pumpkins to zombies to give Canadians a better understanding of some familiar items and characteristics associated with the holiday.


3,807,039 – The number of children in Canada of prime trick-or-treating age, five to 14 years old, in . . . → Read More: Statistics Canada breaks down Halloween

Samhain and Halloween

by Gus diZerega

The commercialization of Christmas has rightly bothered many Christians, but my take on the commercialization of Halloween is more benign. The past few decades have seen an extraordinary explosion of Halloween kitsch, usually of the cheapest plastic employing the crudest designs. No better statement about corporate America’s soulless lust to sell at . . . → Read More: Samhain and Halloween

Are you superstitious about black cats?

By Amelia Glynn

Let me begin this Halloween-inspired post by stating the obvious: a cat, no matter what its color, cannot influence fortune. But, of course… this hasn’t stopped people from believing in the “special powers” of black cats for centuries.

In many countries, having a black cat cross your path is considered lucky.

. . . → Read More: Are you superstitious about black cats?

Wiccan, not wicked

By Ott Tammik

Wiccans defend their beliefs, dispel 1,500 years of mockery and ‘evil’ stereotyping. Deborah Snavely cackled wildly when asked if she had a flying broom. For Snavely, a British traditional Wiccan priestess for 13 years, witchcraft is no matter of Hollywood hocus-pocus — it’s a reality.

“Any system of divination is simply . . . → Read More: Wiccan, not wicked

New Age Death Sweats IV: Jackboots at the Seder Table

By Kathryn Price NicDhàna

I was talking to a Jewish friend about the pretendians. She said she doesn’t understand why white people think it’s OK to mimic Native American ceremonies. I told her that she gets it, while many other non-Indians do not, because she knows what it’s like to have a culture.

Because she . . . → Read More: New Age Death Sweats IV: Jackboots at the Seder Table