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Samhain: celebrating life, remembering the dead

By Kathy Nance

Samhain is one of the most widely known of the Pagan holidays in (perhaps tied with Yule). It’s certainly the least understood. I suppose that’s fitting. It is the holiday Pagans themselves celebrate with one foot in the mundane world of candy, costumes and parties, the other at the edge of the Farthest Shore.

It piqued my interest because, first of all, Day of the Dead fascinates me with its similarities to Samhain as I understand and celebrate it. Second, because the flier mentions the parade is in honor of many different peoples and groups, including “Celts, Druids, healers burned as Witches.”They didn’t add, but I could, “children being tortured and killed in the latest witch scare.” And later that night, I’ll finish the Samhain celebration quietly, at home. That’s the way most Pagans celebrate the deepest part of the event.

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