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How Pop went Pagan

By Nell Frizzell

In fact, paganism has been influencing pop before Natasha Khan was but a twinkle in her father’s eye. The folk revival of the 1960s brought paganism into the lyrics and on to the sleeves of everyone from Pentangle to the Incredible String Band. While the Jackson 5 were singing I Want . . . → Read More: How Pop went Pagan

Trans-Atlantic Tensions, Euro-American Reflections

By Maelstrom

In embarking on the intellectual and spiritual journey of this blog, I have been repeatedly struck by the great distance that divides American versus European forms of Norse Paganism. I am starting to wonder if it is even accurate to consider Heathenry/Asatru in the two regions the same thing, or if it may . . . → Read More: Trans-Atlantic Tensions, Euro-American Reflections

Pagan Politics — What You Need to Know

By Amy

I have served as a staff person for a State Representative, a State Senator, and a U.S. Senator. I can tell you from experience that the way in which you present yourself to your representative’s staff goes a long way in whether you get the “standard reply letter” or a chance to . . . → Read More: Pagan Politics — What You Need to Know

Cheerleaders’ religious signs draw fire

By: Ben Benton

Community members are rallying around Lakeview-Fort Oglethorpe High School cheerleaders after they were banned from displaying signs with Bible verses urging fans and players to “commit to the Lord” and “take courage and do it.”

The banners — the paper ones that football players crash through at the beginning of games — . . . → Read More: Cheerleaders’ religious signs draw fire

A Terrible Ambivalence

By John Michael Greer

Last month the online edition of The Guardian, one of the leading (or at least surviving) British newspapers, featured a debate about the future of industrial society between journalist, poet and cofounder of The Dark Mountain Project Paul Kingsnorth, and the sturdy radical George Monbiot, who’s most recently made a . . . → Read More: A Terrible Ambivalence

Interview with Starhawk

By Jason Pitzl-Waters

Few living modern Pagans have had as much influence on our interconnected movements as Starhawk. Author, outspoken activist, and co-founder of the Reclaiming Tradition of Witchcraft, she, along with several others, helped shape threads of modern Paganism that were more explicitly feminist and eco-activist in nature. She is perhaps most famous for . . . → Read More: Interview with Starhawk

Of “Secular Humanism” and Other Panchrestons

By James French

The panchreston is a rhetorical device often employed by demagogues, bigots, and conspiracy theorists. In fact, almost any monolithic conspiracy theory (for instance, the idea that the “Illuminati” or Jewish Bankers own everything and are planning our eventual enslavement) can be considered an example of this tactic, or “error of thought” if . . . → Read More: Of “Secular Humanism” and Other Panchrestons

Feuds Are To Be Avoided At All Costs — Except One’s Honor

By Siegfried Goodfellow

It has been asserted that feuds were a necessary part of honor. I must disagree. I would call feuds an unfortunate consequence, at times, of maintaining honor, but often of pure foolishness, and certainly to be avoided at all costs short of losing one’s honor. To look at the Icelandic Sagas and . . . → Read More: Feuds Are To Be Avoided At All Costs — Except One’s Honor

GOP Won’t Dump Pagan Candidate

By Lisa Derrick

In a stunning show of tolerance that defies theocon C-Streetism, the GOP in Queens, NY will not replace Pagan high priest Dan Halloran as their candidate for District 19 city council in the November 3 election. Considering George Bush administration officials objected to giving author J.K. Rowling the Presidential Medal of Freedom . . . → Read More: GOP Won’t Dump Pagan Candidate

Coming Home

By Siggy

I’ve often said that fall is my worst season. While it was noticeably bad when I lived in the Northeast US it was also tempered by changing leaves, going to different fairs, and various seasonal confections (mmm, cider). Here, not only will it not get cooler for awhile, but if anything it feels . . . → Read More: Coming Home