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Elements of Historical Paganism

By Hrafnkell Haraldsson

Religion, like individuals, should be introspective. The words of Apollo, “Know Thyself” are applicable across the landscape of human experience. Religion should look at itself and it should know what it is about. Such an approach has been used by Christian sects seeking to “get back to the original message” and it should be particularly recommended and helpful to modern Pagans who, in reviving an ancient religion, are trying to find their way, trying to understand their own religion and how to make it relevant for today.

Perhaps by reviewing what Paganism has been historically it will be possible to understand what it is or what it should be today. Since it is also useful to agree on what our terms mean, by Paganism I mean Pierre Chuvin’s definition of ethnic religion,[1] and specifically, with a focus on European and Mediterranean Paganism. The list below is given in no particular order and note that it is by no means meant to be exhaustive.

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